How to get free tickets for The Price Is RightYou've come to the "Most fun in L.A." page. Here's where you will find out how to Be A Contestant on "The Price Is Right". We'll also give you all the info you need on How To Get Your Free TV Tickets to be in the Price Is Right/CBS studio audience. You will be able to click to the coolest TV game show fan sites & you'll also find taping schedules and fan site links here, as well as info about TV studio tours and other tourist info. Have Fun!

It seems like "The Price Is Right" has been on TV forever - and it almost has. The game show has proved incredibly popular over the years. It has inspired British and Australian versions of the show as well as several syndicated U.S. versions - which meant that for at least eight years there were two different "Price is Right" shows on the air each day: the CBS show and the syndicated version.

It seems like Bob Barker has always been the host, but when the show first began its run back in 1956, the host was Bill Cullen. That original "Price Is Right" lasted until 1965. After a brief breather, the show returned in 1972 with Bob Barker as the host and he has been at the reins ever since - that's almost 30 years of Bob and his bevy of "Barker's Beauties". (Before that, Bob Barker spent 18 years hosting another game show: "Truth or Consequences"!)

"The Price is Right" is taped at CBS Television City in Hollywood, and every morning you'll spot long lines of people waiting outside that studio to get in, hoping to be asked to "Come on down!" to be the next contestant on the game show which gives away new cars and expensive vacations. The show's biggest winner won over $88,000.

The game seems easy enough on the surface: they show you a prize (such as a refrigerator or a room full of furniture) and you guess its price. The person closest to the price (without going over) wins that prize. But that's just the start. Once up on stage, Barker presides over a series of games of chance and skill, ranging from dropping "Plinko" chips down a vertical maze, to putting a golf ball into a whole. But most games first involve correctly guessing the price of a prize within a certain range. So it pays to watch this show first, and get to know the ins & outs of the various games. It also pays to act excited. Contestants are chosen from the TV audience members while they're waiting in line before the show - and the producers like exuberant players.

So, how do you get tickets to "The Price is Right?" It's easy. They're free. Just click here to see a schedule of when tickets are available, and to order your free TV tickets online.

You can also pick them up in person at the studio, CBS Television City, which is located at the southeast corner of Beverly & Fairfax. Or you can write for tickets, by sending a S.A.S.E. to:

    TICKETS - "The Price is Right"
    CBS Television City
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

On taping dates, the show tapes Monday through Thursday. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, the show tapes once at 2:30 PM. On Mondays, there are two tapings, at 1:15 PM and 4:30 PM. Arrival times will be different (as you will see when you get your ticket) to allow for contestants to be selected from the studio audience line.