in Studio City, CA

About the studio...

In 1928 this was the home of Keystone Studios and Mack Sennett's Keystone Kops. The studio later came under ownership of Republic Studios where Gene Autry and Roy Rogers galloped their trusty steeds to rescue "damsels in distress" and to "save the town." 

Starting in the '60s, the studio's sound stages became home to such diverse television series as "Gunsmoke" and "Gilligan's Island." MTM, Mary Tyler Moore's production company, used the stages to tape the predicaments of "Rhoda" and the antics at "WKRP in Cincinnati."

Come the '90s, comedy classic, "Seinfeld" called stage 9 home.

Today there are 18 sound stages and three permanent outdoor sets: New York Street (think "Seinfeld"), Central Park, and Residential Street. Currently, "Grounded For Life" is one of the shows taped here.

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